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Bring the Outside In

September 7, 2023
plant wall

Sometimes finding just the right mix of elements can bring a much needed calm into your space and your life.

Artwork is the jewelry for your space. It is often thought of well after the space has been completed, and rarely in the initial design process.

Color is a central creative element, not a trimming.

Variations of artwork can bring much needed elements from nature and depth into a room. This can be beneficial for several reasons. It can enhance a structure that has more simplistic architectural elements, it can provide warmth to cooler spaces, or it can balance out strong pieces from a coordinating style. There are also several overall health benefits to incorporating nature into your space. Nature makes us feel better emotionally, and also improves our physical well-being. It boosts our immune system, lowers our blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, reduces the stress in our lives, improves our mood, increases our ability to focus, accelerates our recovery from illness or surgery, increases our energy level, and even improves our sleep. Did you know that your stress levels and mental fatigue drop when you visit green spaces?

I think it’s essential to find ways that we can connect with nature in our daily lives. We as humans are meant to be interacting with nature. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years. It’s only recently in the past two centuries that we’ve started to lose that connection with the outdoors as our jobs and lives have transitioned inside into factories, corporate offices, and classrooms. Since it is not possible these days to spend as much time as we may like outdoors, we need to find ways to compensate so we can still experience nature’s benefits within our homes and work spaces.

  1. Incorporate House Plants
  2. Decorate with Paintings or Photos of Nature
  3. Display Stones, Crystals, and Rocks That You've Collected Over The Years
  4. Make An Indoor Garden
  5. Decorate with Furniture Made From Natural Wood
  6. Use Textiles/Natural Fibers That Reflect Patterns Seen In Nature
  7. Hang Eucalyptus From Your Shower Head