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Hospitality Interiors that Promote Health & Well-being

September 7, 2023
interior design

With all that has been changing over the past few months and the work life balance being upended, it's increasingly important to be mindful of your health and your self care routines. In some ways self care easier then it used to be because we now spend so much time in the privacy of our own homes. We're able to find incremental moments throughout the day to pause and regroup. Truth be told, this is a more powerful thing for your overall well being then you think. Micro moments that occur throughout the day are vital, just ask the app on your iwatch or fitbit that reminds you to do some deep breathing.

The challenge is to find meaningful and healthful ways to create this feeling of brief repose in a space that you share with others. A good way to do so; try to engage all 5 senses. Too often when designing a space only color and scale are considered. Don't forget that texture, sound, smell, and where applicable taste, elevate design to a place that can promote holistic well being. It may be as simple as adding plants, or a music system, or a water feature.

Life is in the little moments.