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Top 5 Design Features Clients Are Asking For

December 11, 2023
Home Office
Home Gym
Intimate Space
Hidden Room

It’s no secret the pandemic reshaped the role of our homes and workspaces. Once somewhere to rest, recharge and host the occasional backyard barbecue, home became the epicenter of where many of us work, exercise and more. Are these changes still influencing homeowners’ priorities for their homes today? Here are some top trends designers are seeing now:


1)    Comfortable, intimate spaces

There is a noticeable shift away from bigger spaces, towards clients asking for spaces that are smaller and well appointed. Clients are looking for rooms like cozy dens and libraries. Much of this is driven by the realization of just how much square footage they actually used, or didn’t for that matter, during the pandemic. People are including finishing touches for the more intimate parts of their home as well, to round out the cohesive look throughout the home. Think stone, stained wood, leather, mixed metals, and lots of texture to give it warmth.



2)    Hidden Rooms

I couldn’t be happier about this. I love a good hidden room. They take the craftsmanship and mystique of a home to the next level! These days, clients are considering the need for larger scale storage more often. While that has a tendency to be bulky and unwieldy, if you put the racks and bins behind closed doors or paneling it creates a beautiful hint of mystery that homeowners and guests will love…. If they can find it! Additionally, it can be an added security element for the home, which provides many a sense of comfort.






3)    Home Offices  

These days, with the work culture having shifted so dramatically towards hybrid, office space has become a key component in homes. In some cases the office doubles as a guest bedroom, and where square footage allows they are separate or a home might even have an office space for each earner in the home. No matter what the arrangement a comfortable space that allows for the right lighting, and sound isolation is vital. Designers are even incorporating office spaces into vacation homes more often, due to location flexibility in most employers these days. Sometimes that’s a desk worked into the millwork of a kitchen, or it might be a tucked away space elsewhere in the home. 




4)    Home Theaters

Homes have rapidly become more multipurpose over the past three years. Partially as a pandemic reaction, there has been a major shift in the amount of people that are becoming more ‘home-centric’ and want to be able to enjoy as many activities at home as they previously might have gone out for. As opposed to going out to dinner and a movie, people are more often bringing it to them. Whether fully decked out, or simplistic, allocating square footage for these has crept up on the list of priorities for many homeowners. 



5)    Home Gyms

With workplace culture still being dramatically in flux, and many more roles being hybrid if not fully remote, and couple this with people wanting to find ways to combat being more sedentary due to working from home and what do you get? Some really creative home gyms! Designers are even finding ways to incorporate workout stations for kiddos in the spaces! Think a kid sized bike right next to your Peleton or a separate yoga mat for your little one.