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Our Mission: To make a space feel hospitable and enable the life you aspire to lead.

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Meet Jessica

Being a native New Yorker, I pride myself on my understanding of and exposure to many different cultures, moods and perspectives. I thrive on the little details that showcase all the beautiful history that surrounds us.


Having completed graduate work through Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, I embarked on a rewarding hospitality management career. Twenty years later my passion for all that is architectural, historical, and design oriented led me back to school for the second time. This time for Interior Design focused on hospitality spaces.

With a devotion to the details and the knowledge that each experience starts with a relationship, I look to create lasting memories with each of my clients. In my world it is about the three R's; being real, relevant, and ready. Real with what i'm offering each client, relevant to their life and style, and ready for all the unexpected things that pop up along the way.


I blend my passions into a medium that helps people design residential spaces and host intimate events in those spaces. I love to travel and find new tastes and styles and bring them home to share with my friends and family. Now I hope to share them with you!

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With a remarkable eye for the details, a fantastic sense of style, and a unique approach Jessica encompasses all you desire and need in order to elevate your experience. It will never be about the everyday mundane, rather how she can deliver your own unique vision and knock it out of the park for you. She is pure quality, service, and inspiration. Thank you Jessica, it's the most wonderful feeling to come home to an environment you love.

★★★★★ LAURA H.


I have had the pleasure of seeing Jessica's creative talent first hand. Her passion for design is evident in everything that she touches. It's evident in her hard work and dedication. Her talent turns the job into an art form. I'm always excited to see her new creations as each one is unique and personalized based on that persons aspirations. 

★★★★★ ANGELA C.


You are in the presence of a true professional when you work with Jessica. She takes you through each step in the design process in a detailed and reassuring fashion that puts you at ease. The collaborative effort added to her vast knowledge makes it a very smooth process. She makes it all seem so easy.

★★★★★ MIKE T.


Jessica's strong talent and passion for design is evident in every environment and situation that she steps into. Jessica provided invaluable insight into operational integrity and customer service.  She brought an uncanny ability to anticipate and recognize client needs and desires. Jessica rapidly became one of my most relied upon consultants. 

★★★★★ STUART E.


Jessica maintains the highest professional standards. She was always there to go that extra mile, and always with a great attitude and smile on her face.

★★★★★ MIYAN L.


Jessica's attention to detail is just amazing. Her passion for planning out the details step by step and making sure everything fit just right made all the difference. Her creativity and organization made everything a total success!

★★★★★ APRIL B.

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